Quality Assurance

Relentless Plastic Safety Inspection

We are highly recognized by domestic and overseas businesses for our strict quality control and consistent quality, thanks to our persistent pursuit

of investing in a high level of technical and inspection standards for our products.

Flatness Test

With advanced machines, we test the smoothness and flatness of the plastic surface to ensure they meet your appearance requirements.
Flatness Test

Tape Test

Every plastic kitchenware goes through a drop test to ensure our products have the optimal degree of compression and shatter resistance.

Falling Test

Load-bearing Test

Our machinery checks the maximum load capacity of our plastic serving tray to ensure our trays can be functional for long-term use.

Load-bearing Test

Wiping & Trimming

We reduce the hazards of use by carefully wiping down the surface of the cutting board by skilled workers and trimming for tips.

worker is wiping the surface on the chopping board
Top Quality with High Standards

Specialized Quality Inspection Department

We fulfill international certification for product safety and factory size from LFGB, FDA, ROHS, PAHS, BSCI and Kaufland audid. Our quality control department standard management regulations to maintain the integrity of our products.
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