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Focusing on becoming a globally recognized plastic kitchenware manufacturer, we take full advantage of our strong automated manufacturing

capabilities to empower our products, while our long-term cost advantages reduce your financial worries.

Each simply cutting board provides the user a convenient usage scenario, greatly improving portability and flexibility of storage.

Using BPA-free, food-grade plastics ensures our cutting boards are hazard-free for all applications when used on a daily basis.

The smooth and non-absorbent board surface prevents leaving marks from knifes and no stickiness of food.

Inspiring Gallery

D03 1

37X23 oval cutting board with printed color – D03


30X20 oval cutting board with design – D02


25X16 oval cutting board with design – D01


Transparent PP cutting board – B series


PLA cutting board – B20

DSC 7724

Plastic Cutting Board – B17


PP cutting board in marble effect – B series


Light weight cutting board – B series


Cutting board set with stand – S02

Design Directly From Your Idea

Appearance tailoring service available

With an MOQ of 1000 for custom-made plastic serving trays, we ensure you can buy flexibly and make trays in different colors to meet diverse needs.

Extra-impressive plastic performance

With an operating temperature reaching 85 degrees, our durable plastics help our trays retain food or be used for heating.

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