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Our customization service offers you a great deal of flexibility, striving to meet your individual needs to the greatest extent possible.

Need Our Help With The Design?

If you are confused about the product design of plastic kitchenware, don’t worry, our expert design team can provide you with timely solutions that are both standardized and stylish.

Various Customization Options

To help you win favor with different regions, we provide free custom consultation to guide you through different options to help you find

the right OEM plastic kitchenware. We also accept the images you provide and print them on the surface of the plastic.


A variety of color choices such as grey, bule and white to match market trends.


Make a lasting impression with custom logos that communicate your quality ideas to your market.

Surface Printing

Our customizable printing process includes full color printing, CMYK printing and Pantone printing.


Our sleeve card packing meets various requirements in the market.

Proprietary Mold Creation

Independent R&D Leads to Prime Customization

A worker is writing down the production data

By inventing more than 50 molds annually, we constantly strengthen our product development.


We regularlyupdate new features to our products to provide your market with fresh options.


Owning a mold factory and mold development team, we offer affordable one-stop service.

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Brand Case Studies

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