Collapsible Dish Rack

We Offer More Than Kitchen Organiztion

LOVFE introduces foldable plastic dish racks that not only feature an elegant look that can match your kitchen décor, but can also be folded flat, setting a trend of deluxe standard in the market and helping your brand reach upscale.

The space-efficient size of our collapsible dish rack gives more freedom to set them up based on consumer’s needs.

Soft TPR material makes the collapsible dish rack easy to fold and store, perfect for reducing your product costs.

Our collapsible dish rack comes with a drainage tank that automatically drains the water, keeping the setup clean and odorless.

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Collapsible dish rack – E17

Design Directly From Your Idea

Comprehensive customization options at your disposal

Personalize your dish rack with custom colors and logos, as expert designers provide free consultation on the aesthetics and printing options.

Clear product structure enhances utilization

The unique design of the main compartment and side areas enhances the dish rack’s functionality while meeting the demands of various markets.

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