Flexible Cutting Mat

Thin Size Brings You Rich Revenue

The plastic cutting mats we offer are made of high quality PP particles, which will not leave knife marks even after repeated use. Coupled with the flexible size for easy storage, it can be easily promoted among different audiences.

LOVFE flexible cutting mat can be folded to act as a funnel, making it easy to transfer chopped ingredients onto a pan, bowl, or pot with minimum waste.

To comply with FDA and LFGB standards on food safety, each of our flexible cutting mats is non-porous, preventing moisture and particles from entering the board to harbor bacteria.

Clear colored surfaces to help users distinguish the vegetables, meat, and other ingredients they are prepping.

Inspiring Gallery

PE Plastic Cutting Mat 1

38X30 non-slip PE cutting mat – C02


29X19 double-sided cutting mat – C01


Flexible cutting mat – C20


Flexible cutting mat – C03

Design Directly From Your Idea

Professional customisation with a variety of options

With an approachable MOQ of 3000 pieces, we can offer customized flexible cutting boards with varying thickness, sizes, and colors.

On-the-go for a convenient lifestyle

LOVFE flexible and lightweight cutting mats are available in portable sizes and shapes, making them versatile for outdoor or indoor uses.

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