Collapsible Houseware

Foldable Plastics in Diverse

LOVFE commits to developing innovative foldable plastic housewares that are compact and have a wide range of applications. Our dedication to the continuous optimization of load capacities lets our products expand to outdoor use.


Unfold The Benefit Through LOVFE

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Sturdy & Reliable

We use high-quality PP and TPE materials in producing our collapsible houseware products, resulting in longer-lasting and more resilience to compression.

interior design

Extra Convenience

The foldable functionality of our collapsible houseware ensures they take minimal space when stored, perfect for small living spaces.

staff folding buckets

Quick Folding

From quick folding capabilities to availability in various sizes, the collapsible hardware we offer fits more applications than traditional products.


Multi-use Scenarios

Whether for outdoor activities, cleaning, storage, or other relevant applications, our collapsible hardware works well with any setup.

A More Inclusive Customization

We work hand in hand with you to help you spread your business around the world to establish your brand reputation worldwide with internationally certified quality.

The process of staff folding buckets

Tailoring with a low threshold

Custom orders start at 1000 pieces, but can be negotiated.


Benefit from dynamic offers

Get amazing discounts and numerous customization options.

Easy access to large orders

Producing over 1 million pieces while achieving on-time delivery.

Satisfying over 80% of consumers' habits

Always staying on the latest market demands and trends.

Our Capabilities in Numbers

LOVFE’s assortment of BPA-free plastic folding products has a distinct balance of catchy design and safe

functionality that more than 25 major supermarkets abroad enjoy and patronize.

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