Collapsible Laundry Basket

For More Purposes Than Just Filling Clothes

The plastic folding laundry baskets we offer extend beyond the laundry room. In order to expand our consumer base and keep your brand deeply rooted, we carefully study market trends and leverage our expert design team to create plastic products that outsell the world.

This collapsible laundry basket is capable of handling contents up to 36 liters for laundry, travel, cleaning, and storage purposes.

With over three size options to choose from, our laundry baskets offer a one-stop solution for the storage needs of various markets.

The unique folding design feature combined with the lite 600g self-weight makes these foldable laundry baskets suitable for any living space.

Inspiring Gallery


36L collapsible laundry basket – E03-2


24L collapsible laundry basket – E03-1

collapsible bucket

Small collapsible laundry basket – E11-1


Collapsible laundry basket – E11-2


Collapsible laundry basket with hollow design – E13

Design Directly From Your Idea

Various colors available for customization

Get custom collapsible laundry baskets at a minimum quantity of 1000 pieces, with expert designers guiding you throughout the process.

Your personalized brand identity

Build your distinct branding with detailed prints and fast order completion through our automated production lines.

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