Multifunctional Cutting Board

Powerful Functions to Empower Your Business

When the cutting board has more functions, the more it can meet your consumers’ expectations and thus helping your business to expand. LOVFE specialises in providing you with convenient, practical and distinctive multifunctional plastic chopping boards.

Double-sided surface to prepare raw meat and vegetables, reducing the risk of cross-contamination for food safety compliance.

Highly-versatile boards comes with a tray used to prepare ingredients. Our multi-functional cutting board helps save inventory space and costs.

Customize your multi-functional cutting boards to include plastic drawers, ABS stands, and storage boxes to tap into rising market demands.

Inspiring Gallery


44X30 non-slip cutting board with knife sharpener – A30


Plastic cutting board with knife sharpener – NA01


Multi-functional cutting board – A24

1 1

Multi-functional Cutting Board – MA01


Non-slip cutting board with collapsible colander – A32

Design Directly From Your Idea

Available in stock and on custom order

We offer customized multi-functional cutting boards with a low MOQ of 1,000 pieces and 5 types of in-stock cutting boards with an MOQ of 100 pieces.

A wide range of custom functions and appearance

LOVFE can integrate various functions onto your custom multi-functional cutting board or change the size, thickness, shape, color, and design to match your target audience’s demands.

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